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Resurrection from deadness

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Another  message of Easter is  resurrection from deadness – the things that prevent us from feeling alive – things like fear, cowardice, and lack of conviction or purpose; things like loneliness, grief, and depression, things that numb us to life.

As eloquently expressed by Reverend Sarah York

It is as if parts of ourselves die and we stuff them away in a tomb of the soul.

Within each of us there may be something that has died.

It may be hope, joy or trust – that we have sealed away in the tomb with a great stone rolled across the entrance.

Something happened in some Good Friday of the soul, and a part of us died

The safety of the tomb

Having grown

Cold and lifeless

Roll, roll the stone

Roll the stone away
from in front of your hearts…

scrape your elbows and knees if you have to

walk out into a new life unimagined yet your own…

as you walk out into the light
choosing to love
instead of waiting to be loved

make your own sun with the embers of life still glowing
deep within your souls.
Resurrection potentially present in all human life. It is a promise and a challenge, for it represents the possibility of radical change – transformation, based on a radical sense of hope.


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